1. Futurologischer Congress

´You are leaving the american sector´

The 1st FC started life in the somewhat wild and macabre Kreuzberg district of West Berlin in the early 1980`s. The founding members consisted of:
U.W.A Heyder- vocals, synthesisers, programming, guitars
Johann Sebastian Mac Wasty- keyboards, bass, vocals
Jens T. Troendle - keyboards, moog, bass, drums, programming, mixing.
Also in at the beginning was Eberhardt Bingel (Excellent PA)  production & technical support.

Foto LeuschnerdammThe Futurologists small but renowned rehearsal and recording studio was situated right by the Berlin Wall at Leuschnerdamm with the street separating West from East Berlin. This location -a.k.a. the 'Game' wall-studio was frequented by a wide range of musicans, from jazz to rock and punk. Many local new wave ( so-called neue deutsche Welle )bands recorded demos and cut singles here- (Prima Klima, Einstürzende Neubauten, UKW, Mania D, MDK, Foyer des Arts, Bel Ami etc.

The other main hangout was the hip 'Schwarzes Cafe`in the Kantstrasse.

Stanislaw Lem The name "First Futurologischer Congress" is the title of a book by the celebrated science Fiction writer Stanislaw Lem (author of such works as "Solaris") whom the band were lucky enough to meet during his residence in Berlin.

1. FC 1981The first independent single was released in early 1981.
"Posthum" was a minimalistic electronic remix of pop classics from the recently deceased Marc Bolan, Bob Marley and John Lennon.

"The title hits the music on the head. The first single brings together three wild, clettering cover versions of late rock legends. Praises werer already beeing sung for this much heralded band....the song is an absolute electronic smash... From "tip" (berlin biggest listings magazine)

Having made their mark on the scene and in the pop music press, the band followed it up in the same year with the independent EP "Schatten" (Shadows).

This featured four German-language electronic new wave tracks and the single "Heimatlied" (Song for Home), winning entry of a local government-sponsored competition. This all culminated in a live concert with guest musicians from the Latin Quarter, parts of which were broadcast on German television.

1.FC im Quatier Latin 81
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Schützt die Verliebten 81
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Kalte Seele 81
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´... the Combo is dead, long live the Congress´

Work continued in 1982 on the 1 FC album "Schützt die Verliebten" which, unusually for that time, was taken up and released by Teldec.

"...the 1 FC has signed a contract on the Wagner label with Teldec which runs for two years and covers four LP`s. AS many singles can be made as required. The label has sole responsibility for public relations and marketing. Independent record stores and such should be offered discounts and special deals. This all sounds like a modern fairy tale: How can i outsmart the record industry without anyone realeasing? " Sounds Nr.6/´82
1.FC im Studio
Recording and mixing was mostly finished off in-house at the Game studios. The idea of opening up the band  - Fut.Con. - structurally was put into practice through collaboration with the singers Miko and Marion Deu Sing as well as illustrious guest musicans including Hansi Behrendt (Ideal), Rainer Konstantin (Prima Klima), Hans Shumann (Scala 3).

Feature 1.FC '82
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The line-up in 1982 consisted of:
Jens T. Tröndle ( Synthis, Programming, Perc.)
U.W.A. Heyder ( Vocals, Synthi, Git., Drummachine)
Johann Sebastian Wastel ( Bass, Keyboards, Vocals)
'Miko´/Mikolajczak (Vocals)
Marion DeuSsing ( Vocals)
plus guest musicians:
ansi Behrendt / Ideal (Drums)
Rainer Konstantin / Prima Klima (E-Gitarre)
Hans Schumann-Kosmokiator/Scala 3, Flucht nach Vorn (Drum)
Mona & Bernd (Sax., Trompete)
Fred Thurley / Scala 3 (Gitarre)
Production and technical side: Jens T. Troendle, U.W.A. Heyder u. Eberhardt Bingel
Design: C.I.A.-Production, Rudolf Wagner (Managment)
Photography: Jürgen Wellhausen

With the help of good public relations, TV and radio coverage and a national tour which extendet to Holland and Sweden, the album "Schützt die Verliebten" made its mark and brought the band further appeal and wider public exposure. Critical reaction covered a wide range of bases. Spex magazine, for example, curiously compared the single "Rote Autos" (Red Cars) with Mc Cartney`s "Ebony and Ivory"; while Bravo magazine declared the 1 st FC`s music to be "a nerve-shattering test for the emotions.".

"There are musical parallels with the Human League, Simple Minds, OMD, neo funk and new romanticism with nods to Wire and Pere Ubu from the constant use of electronics. Lyricially the direction lies somewhere between early Fehlfarben, Abwärts and DAF veering towards Ideal...what emerges is outstandingly produced pop music, And not for the 1st FC well travelled road to damnation in the manner of Einstürzende Neubauten," Musikexpress 8/´82

´The Congress goes dancing´

1.FC Bühenenfotos '82
One highlight of the 1 FC`s live appearances came in August 1982 when the band took part in the TV Rocknight at Berlin's large open-air Waldbühne venue. This event was broadcast on all three main channels. On some numbers the Congress were playing with a 12-man line-up (wind instruments, percussion, drums, guitars, bass, synthesizers, vocals etc.) This led  the media to use the  term "electronic bigband sound" and the 1 FC were described as the German Talking Heads.
 Rote Autos Waldbühne
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Video Atem live '82
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´Wer spricht?´(who`s speaking)

1.FC PortraitsWork on the second album
"Wer spricht" was finished in spring 1983.
The 1 FC sound expanded by including acoustic instruments, interlinked polyrythms and grooving soul riffs. Original members Jens T. Troendle and U.W.A. Heyder were now joined by Marlon Klein, Hanno Rinne and Nikko Weidemann: the vocalists Miko and Marion were no longer performing with the band (Miko made a solo record and later worked in television and  film), plus Mac Wasty`s contribution and synthesizer had become sporadic. Furthermore, the principle of using guest musicians both live and in the studio was successfully continued. "The Congress is no closed shop."

"...the new album proves the 1 FC still make the most beautiful love songs." Musikszene 7/´83

"...the band obviously strives to be open-minded and relaxed while keeping everything under control of what they do and ease with themselves, and has appropriated for themselves all the finer points of the Heaven 17 school of advanced synth-oriented pop." Musikexpress/´83

All in all, an album with international flair had managed to establish itself, comparable in Germany to the likes of groups like Spliff. Jim Rakete for example (then Spliff and Nena manager and now celebrated photographer) was  a  1 FC fan as was Madonna, who in an early interview mentioned that the 1 FC was one of the most interesting German bands.
As the 1 FC`s music lay a long way off from the usual banalities of the German new wave than floading the airwaves, commercial success remained limited.   Nevertheless, the singles "Körperwärme" and "In der Ferne" and album tracks such as "Lava" and "Königin" were often found livening up the airwaves. Alongside various media appearances the 1 FC participated in a prestigious live nationwide tour in 1983 as well as diverse special events (with Palais Schaumburg among others).

"The 1 FC emphatically dispel the notion that the German language is not suitable for pop music... every one of the song is also a gem live..." Pflasterstrand 11/´83 1.FC Bühne
1.FC Wer spricht The line up in 1983:
Nikko Weidemann(Gesang, Bass, Keyboards)
Hanno Rinne(Gitarren, Tasten, Perc. Chor, Drummachine)
Jens T. Tröndle(Gesang, Moogbass, Programing)
Marlon Klein(Drums, Keyb., Chor, Perc., Sequenzer)
U.W.A.Heyder(Gesang, Keyb., Programing, Git., Flöte)
Guest musicans:
Hans Schumann/ Flucht nach vorn(Drums)
J.S.Wastel(Electronics, Synthi)
F.M.Einheit/Abwärts, Neubauten(Perc.)
Ramesh Shotham/Dissidenten(Maultrommel)
Billy Omuto/Prima Klima (Bass, Chor)
Jürgen Scheele u. Herby H. Hart( Trompete u. Sax.)
Cathrin Vaessen, Jutta Westphal u. Britto ( Vocals, Chor)
Production and technical side: Jens T. Troendle
Assistenz: Marlon Klein, U. Heyder, E.Bingel
Video, photography, logistics: Marcus Herold
Design: Peter Gruchot

´Pilot Pirx´

Pilot PirxIn 1983 the Futurologists made a "special single" with Dieter Meier from Yello. Under the logo Pilot Pirx, Phonogram released the tracks "Bungalow" and "Excess im Bungalow".

" ...with African percussion and a nursery-rhime like chorus, the song is like a fresh island Greeze blowing over  the slowly dying body that is German new wave..." Trends 8/´83

`...and then there were four.´

1.FC Interview 84
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In 1984 the Futurologists scaled down their operations to just four members: Jens T. Troendle, Marlon Klein, Nikko Weidemann and U.W.A Heyder.
"We now want to work creatively as a classic four-piece outfit!"
1. FC 84

During work on the third album, creative differences concerning style and content arose both within the band as well as with the commmercial partners (publisher and record company); for example, whether to write songs in English or German. All this took place at a time when it was felt that overwrought German new wave songs were no longer creditable having sold out after running their course.
What emerged were more then ten new tracks with mostly German but also English texts. Titles such as "Mach was", "Dezember-Sex", "Die Art von Mann", "Klondike" (with Hans Werner Olm),  etc.were later released as bonus tracks or now appear on  "Patchwork" (studio tracks `83-`86)`from the internet label Fuego.

... Solo activities in the late 1980`s and 1990`s

During this period the solo activities of the individual Futurologists meant there was little time or opportunity to work together as the ConMad Romeogress. Jens T.Troendle worked extensively at the Spliff studio, later co-producing Nena`s first children`s album; he also worked with Nikko Weidemann and Hans Schumann and their band Mad Romeo (`88/`89) who had a hit  with "Paradise" (which exists as a 1 FC rough version from 1984).
Nikko subsequently played alongside Nick Cave, Rio Reiser and Einstürzende Neubauten among others as well as studio guru Conny Plank.
Hans was much in demand as a live drummer, and since the 1990`s has worked as a sound designer for film and television.
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Panama Cut Uwe Heyder released English-language pop singles such as "Only A Boy In Love" with  Panama Cut (Conny Gökel, Hansi Behrendt), and wrote songs for various bands and projects. Video Panamacut
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With John F. und die Gropiuslerchen he later had a cult hit with the song "Berlin, Berlin - dein Herz kennt keine Mauern" in 1987 and then in 1989/`90 as the Berlin Wall came down. (Prod. J.T. Troendle/R. Konstantin)
John F. und die Gropiuslerchen
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Dissidenten Marlon Klein worked increasingly with the Dissidenten, releasing such internationally successful albums as "Sahara Elektrik", "Live at the Pyramids",  the "Jungle Book", etc. and collaborated with Jasper Vant Hof  in Pili Pili, and was much in demand on a wide range of projects.
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Studiobild 86After the occassional session during 1985 it was 1986 before the new 1FC tracks "Alles viel zu spät" and "Laurenz von Arabien" were produced by Jens T. Tröndle, U.W.A Heyder and Rainer Konstantin - This was a promo-single in conjunction with a television report on the SFB magazine programm Fieber 45.


1.FC Feuer The Futurulogists returned in 1992 with "Feuer" . Next to the original members U.W.A Heyder (as creative director) and Jens T. Troendle(as producer), and from the "Wer Spricht" era, Hanno Rinne (on guitar), a decisive creative role was played by lead singer Stefan Höls/Tesh and co-singers Gundula Ulbrich and Sandra Wirth. Also making a contribution were guest musicans Gerd Holzmölle/Mr. Ed, Florian Dauner/Fanta 4, Ina Korch/Luci Lectric among others.
What came out was another pioneering album. Using diverse sounds elements, catchy  melodies and swinging grooves, the 1 FC were able to put across profound texctual themes in a accessible way.

"The Futurologists make do without brutal techno thunderbolts; subtile sounds  and breezy beats call all the shots here. White soul which goes from head to toes and is a joy to listen to ...a state of the art multi-colored pop kaleidoscope..." Prinz 11/93
Futurologen im Studio
The "Feuer" album first came out on the indie label MMS and was later released in 1993 by East West/Warner Brothers in connection with Hit & Run Promotion/Conny Konzack. Some tracks were reworked, remixed or remade into an alternative club version.

Futurologen Allah AllahThe first Maxi-single "Allah, Allah" Caused a small stir because of the then already widespread fear of terrorism. In fact, the song was  meant positively, beeing a call for the peaceful co-existence of all religions. In any case,while some radio channels found the songs subject too controversial, others made it a regular part of their playlists.
The second single, "Süchtig" (Addicted) - a congenial, swinging love song received much larger radio exposure and ist still played off and on today.
However, the "Feuer" album failed to bring the big commercial breakthrough. The r`n`b-tinged numbers were a little too ahead of their time for the tastes of music editors and the wider general public.

Weather Girls
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Allah Allah Disco
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The line- up in 1992-´93:
Stefan/Tesh Höls (Vocals, Git., Keyb.)
U.W.A. Heyder (Keyb., Programming)
Jens T. Tröndle (Programming, Keyb., Chor)
Hanno Rinne (Git.)
Gundula Ulbrich/Axinia (Vocals)
Sandra Wirth (Vocals)
plus guest musicians:
Gerd Holzmölle/Mr. Ed (Drums, Sampling, Violin)
Andreas Koch (Keyb., Sounds)
Florian Dauner/Fanta 4 (Drums)
Connie Göckel/Panama Cut (Keyboards)
Frank Heise (Git.)
Eberhard Fortmann (Sax.)
Ina Korch/Luci Lectric (Voc.)
Gabriela la Rosa (Voc.)
W.Ibrahim (Arab.Voc.)
Production and technical side: Jens T. Troendle/ Assistenz; G. Holzmölle für Spleen-Prod.
Design: Stefan & Matthias/C.Höls
Photography: Mathias Bothor/
Management: Conny Konzak

For the  making of the "Feuer" album, the Futurologists Stefan/Tesh and U.W.A. set up the Spleen produkction company, and in 1998 they opened a new Futurologist studio.
Das DuoIn addition to working on diverse commissions, remixes, musical pre-productions etc. and alongside producing pop, rock and trance-dance acts,Momang
in 1999/2000 they produced the r'n'b-hiphop act Momang with the vocal group Das Duo. This was followed in 2004 by colleboration with ragga- pop artist Doc Rob. The Futurologist-type sound and style could be felt the whole way through.
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2006 saw the re-release by Fünfundvierzig/Indigo on CD of the
'1st Futurulogischer Congress' albums "Schützt die Verliebten" und "Wer spricht" with bonustracks and video.
Furthermore, all 1. FC  recordings as well as previously unreleased studio titles from the album "Patchwork" (studio tracks `83-`86) appear worldwide on the online label www.fuego.de.
In addition, preparations are being made for a new CD with live appearances planned with a new line-up in 2007.

´In the current spiritual and cultural climate of banality, we think it's  about  time the 1. FC started making some noise again.´

'China is calling'
2008, the futurologists produced the
Radio Groove Pop Song: China is calling.
inter alia, to the 2008 Olympics in
China / Beijng, dedicated, textual statement
Olympia 2008 in China/Beijng

Crash! 'the jingleling song' / Futurological Congress / 1.FC / Futurologen / - Berlin 2009

The song and video for the financial crash party and the dance on the billions.
New York - London and round the world.
'After the crash is before the crash'

'Too big to fail !' Hahaha - the fraud of the century.

'Come together -
have fun, reserve clear heads, brave hearts
and do not let you block the view...'

CRASH! - The album from 1.F C

2016 the futurologists team has completed the step, to bring the tracks, which were created since the CRASH! Video production, in occasional sessions, over several years, about the madness infestation in these days, to a final editing, mixing and publication.

The result is a collection of songs in the best pop-rock manner, with booming rock guitar- and grooving funk-riffs, floating, balladesque E- or acoustic guitar licks, piano cords, live drums and expanded with electro sequences, synth sounds, etc. Recorded and produced digitally and now presents on the´CRASH´album.

The content of the texts refer to a position on political and economic machinations and destructive developments and structures in the Bread & Games Mode of these days.
Further, there are also personal and emotional moments in the songs and lyrics.
'Magic Moments are like islands in the river of time '

'CRASH! 'An electro-rock album as a soundtrack of this times!

In the best congress-tradition, with an illustrious group of guest performers, musicians and artists, brought the futurologists the CRASH! album to his sounding.

CRASH! - A Chance for better !

Production: 1.FC Berlin / Marlon Klein & U.W.A. Heyder / Futurologen-Studio Berlin &
Exil Musik Studio Ibiza & Berlin Spleen-prod. – rock & pop factory / www.spleen-prod.com
Label & distribution: Fuego / Timezone / C 2011/2015 Futurological Congress, P 2016 Fuego

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